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2-Control Software

Microsoft Dynamics is an intelligent and user-friendly ERP solution but offers no support for the security and manageability of your operational processes. The 2-Control software offers you the complete solution for all your security and control issues within Dynamics 365 Business Central.

2-Control Software

With the 2-Control software suite, consisting of Authorization Box, Field Security and Mandatory Fields, we offer user friendly support of the full authorization cycle:

  1. Design: designing an authorization structure
  2. Build: building the authorization structure
  3. Refine: refining the authorization on field- and dataset level and increasing the quality of internal processes
  4. Manage: managing authorizations
  5. Monitor: monitoring the quality of the authorizations


The 2Control Field Security

Mandatory Fields & Field Security

Authorization Box

2 control it audit software consultancy

Role Generator, User Management, Monitoring

User Management: In a visual organizational chart, you can assign features and manage the permissions. Authorization requests can be entered by line management and are approved by an auditor or controller. Changes to the organizational chart are simple and quickly processed. User management of authorizations are now no longer complicated and are based on your organizational functions.

Authorization box

The Authorization Box module is designed and developed by IT-auditors to improve the security and internal control of your ERP environment and helps your organization to achieve a secure and verifiable Dynamics 365 environment. This cloud solution makes the time-consuming and complex authorization process quick and easy and consists out of the following functionality’s:

Role Generator: which only uses relevant information from the recordings to create pure roles within Dynamics 365. Roles can be customized at any time. The generator saves time on the initial installation and the maintenance of the roles.

Monitoring: this functionality gives insight into the implemented segregation of duties in Dynamics 365. It gives immediate insight into the authorizations and potential conflicts of users and a clear overview of the granted authorizations.

Field security

To maintain a thorough security and control, authorizations must be implemented on a detailed level. By using the field security module, you can refine authorizations to field and dataset levels, allowing user to take responsibility for the data ownership.

The module allows you to split up the rights for different documents. The Field and Dataset Protection Module secures, without customization, per table, field or dataset. To each field or dataset, you assign a data owner, and you have the choice to set up every field as changeable, except for a couple of fields, or you can set up every field as not changeable, except a couple of fields. In this way it is not necessary to have multiple security checks to manage the fields.

IT-Audit Software & Consultancy

Mandatory fields

For an efficient information flow within your company it is essential to have complete and high-quality data. By applying field validation in Dynamics, you prevent incomplete data and gaps in the internal data processing.

When creating new items, customers and suppliers, it is important that fields, such as booking groups, valuation method and payment conditions are correctly filled before they are used. Managing master data yourself is time-consuming. However, for the correct processing of (internal) assignment it is essential to have correct master data.

The module Mandatory Fields allows fields to be filled in a standard manner, or, for example, items can be blocked in the absence of the correct value in the field. In the case of missing data, users will receive a notification and the possibility to add the correct data. Depending on the settings you have chosen, you can perform the appropriate operation.

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