The Partner Sales

Broad Horizon sells The Partner Sales BV to De Bruin Dynamic Holding B.V. to enable it to further develop its strategy into an independent service provider.

 The Partner Sales B.V., a service provider that operates to an extensive and global network of companies within the ERP and CRM market, takes the next step towards development as an independent service provider. With headquarters located in the Amsterdam area, The Partner Sales offers personalized services for ISVs, implementation partners, distributors, and vendors.

Amsterdam, May 10, 2022: The Partner Sales B.V. and Broad Horizon came to the joint conclusion that it’s in the best interest of both companies from a strategic point of view to sell The Partner Sales B.V. to De Bruin Dynamic Holding B.V. as of 10 May 2022. Both parties concluded that The Partner Sales, because of the independent nature of its services, has more benefit from a different ownership.

Broad Horizon acquired The Partner Sales B.V. in 2019 to strengthen its position in the market through the development of strong and close collaborations between ISVs and Broad Horizon. The development of such collaborations was the service and focus of The Partner Sales B.V. at the time, and a substantial contribution was made to the development of partnerships and the realization of acquisitions for Broad Horizon.

Broad Horizon has since successfully developed into an impactful player consisting of various companies, each with a specialized solution for a specific problem in the field of Data & AI, Workplace, Cloud & Infra, and Business Apps. The Partner Sales B.V. has now developed into a service provider with an extensive range of services within a growing and worldwide network of partners.

Both Broad Horizon and The Partner Sales are grateful to each other for the joint development they have undergone and wish each other all the best in the good developments they both go through. The good cooperation between Broad Horizon and The Partner Sales will continue under the new ownership.