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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Arabic Localization Pack

Transform your entire Microsoft Dynamics solutions into Arabic.

What is ALP:

Our Arabic add-on transforms the entire solution of Microsoft Dynamics 365, including all modules and user interface out of the box into Arabic. Our add-on solution also provides Partners and Customers with the ability to use, customize and enhance their ERP in the Arabic language.

Key Features:

  • Arabic language layer can be switched easily from the client application
  • Professional translation – terminology that fits local regulations and standards.
  • Available on both Classic and RTC.
  • RTC has real RTL (Right to Left) capability. The orientation of the whole software is RTL mirrored.
  • Easy upgrades between different Dynamics 365 versions
  • Centralized translation architecture for tables and fields.
  • Arabic language Module heavily tested and is 100% trouble and risk free.

Platform and Integration

The solution is build on a .NET that is readily integrated with Microsoft Dynamics365 and is readily integrated with other add-ons in Payroll and Business Intelligence as well.

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Why use ALP?

Multiple language layers

Users can switch between multiple language layers all installed on the same.


Familiarity to users and compliance with local practices.


Uniformity with native language input and management.


Client investments are protected across multiple versions.

Simple Workflow

Users can work smoothly with no issues or disruptions whatsoever.


All objects (pages, reports, etc.) referencing a certain field will display the same translation, therefore integrity is maintained.


Accommodates clients on current and older versions of Dynamics 365.


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