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EMLinked is the online software solution for managing you real estate portfolio. The solution is dependable, always available and gives you full control over you real estate portfolio.

The Power of EMLinked

EMLinked stand for Estate Management Linked and is the standard for online real estate management software for property managers and owners.

EMLinked offers you the best support for your primary business processes when managing real estate portfolios. You have all the innovative solutions at your disposal, from indexations, service costs to management fees. When using EMLinked you always have insight in the results of each owner, from every individual object to the entire portfolio.

Whether you manage 50 or 10.000 renting units, with EMLinked you are always in control. Due the flexible subscription model, the solution is scalable and suitable for anyone managing real estate.

Object Management

Contract Management

Service Cost Management

EMLinked has all the Functionalities for an Successful Real Estate Management:

Object Management & Contract Management

Object management

  • Overview of objects and rental units
  • Incidental and periodic charges
  • Appraisals, WOZ and insurance registration
  • Digital document management
  • Insight in financial results

Object Management 

Contract Management

Contract Management

  • Complex leasing contract
  • Various indexation methods
  • Unlimited number of rental components
  • Active warning when expiration occurs
  • Report to Excel, Word and/or PDF

Rental Invoicing

  • Rent invoicing and advances
  • Sending digital rental notes
  • Costs invoicing
  • Control and authorization
  • Automated management note generator

Rental Invoicing

Debtor Management

Debtor Management

  • Register rental payments
  • Payment reminders
  • Interest invoicing
  • Link banks and direct debit
  • Reporting to Excel, Word and/or PDF

Rental Invoicing & Debtor Management

Notifications & Service Cost Management


  • Registration and follow-up notifications
  • Planning management and maintenance
  • Automated assignment provision
  • Dispute registration and handling
  • Track interactions

Rental Invoicing

Debtor Management

Service Cost management

  • Cost registration
  • Invoicing service charges
  • Rental- and final billing
  • Fixture cost invoices
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Financial Management

  • Cash flow management and budgeting
  • Fixed assets and depreciation
  • Cash & Bank bookings
  • Balance and debts

Relationship Management

  • Recruitment of tenants
  • Service- and maintenance contracts
  • Email potential contracts
  • Marketing campaigns

Why use EMLinked?


Less vacancy due to active and timely signaling thanks to dynamic notifications


Receive payments faster by sending the correct invoices directly

Management Note

Save time by making the management note directly in EMLinked based on the current information

Microsoft Technologie

Guaranteed continuity because it is built on Microsoft technology

Service Notifications

Satisfied tenants through faster follow-up of service notifications

Higher Rental Revenue

Higher revenue due timely indexation of your contracts

Interactive Dashboard

The interactive dashboard gives priority to your activities and action points


Fully scalable solution that can grow with your organization

Uptime Guarantee

Hosted in a secure data center and available from anywhere with an uptime guarantee of 99,9%


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