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Financial Services & Fiduciary

Specifically built and optimized for the financial services industry, the Xenatus Financial Management and Fiduciary Suite delights clients by providing a world class solution that alleviates all the tedious administrative work while adding new features and tools that help companies enhance their services and product offerings by:

  • Increasing their efficiencies and staff productivity
  • Increasing their fees by providing more value added reports
  • Reducing administration efforts
  • Staying compliant with the latest regulations
  • Increasing customer retention
  • Providing their clients with the best customer experience on the market
  • Attracting new sophisticated clients

Fund & Asset Management

Built on Microsoft Dynamics, the Fund & Asset Management solution is a unique enterprise level software package for investment portfolios professionals.

The software is a secure, flexible and integrated solution tailored to financial organizations managing single or multiple clients under diverse regulatory conditions. 

The solution is designed for organizations that provide fund management and administration services, either by selling products directly to customers or as part of corporate and other business advisory services. 



A safe & secure solution.


A tailored fit solution.

No limits

All funds, currencies and organizations.

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