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We optimize your ERP environment to it’s full potential.

What do we do?

GO-ERP can help you maximize the business benefits you gain from using the sector-specific solutions in MS Dynamics 365/AX.

Our experts have developed customized solutions for different business areas in order to optimize the existing Microsoft Dynamics platform. These solutions will help you with obtaining relevant information, make faster decision and improve overall efficient of your ERP system.

This tooling allows you to manage landed costs in  fast and easy way avoiding errors, saving time and ensuring integrity of financial data.


Enhanced & Flexible Management of Landed Costs

Specialized extension for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (AX) for landed costs management is called “misc. charges” and it is pretty basic. Our specialized extension allows landed costs to be allocated in a fast and easy way, avoiding errors, saving time and money, and ensuring the integrity of your financial data.

Full of functionalities, you will like

  • You can allocate any landed costs across lines from multiple invoices in a single transaction, what is not possible in standard functionality.
  • The solution ensures accurate financial accounting and full transaction history.
  • Flexible filters allow for precise selection of the lines to be allocated and choice of the allocation method, i.e. according to the weight, amount, volume, etc.
  • Reversal of landed costs allocation is simple and convenient.


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