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Outsource your D365 CSP and P2P sales and support services, and acquire project opportunities with implementation partners.


Implement your product effectively by matching with partners and customers that fit within your business strategy.

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We connect anyone to everyone

The Partner Sales is an international team of business developers, CRM and ERP specialists, and sales professionals. Our mission is to find the perfect project opportunity for your company by connecting you with the most qualified clients, ISVs, implementation partners, distributors, and vendors.






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  • D365 CSP Sales & Support
  • D365 P2P Sales & Support
  • Partner Acceleration Services


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We only offer project opportunities and partnerships that are a fit for your expertise and experience.


We are dedicated to uplifting the unique voices in our community and building an inclusive culture.


Our team is intentionally curated with highly skilled professionals with vast industry experience.

Quality Service

We listen attentively to your needs and provide only the best, top-tier resources within your scope.

Why choose us

Strong communication and relationships are important to us and our extensive, growing network. We only work with clients that are in line with our values, to maintain an optimal level of results.

We are devoted to providing services and resources that allow your team to work most efficiently. Anything that is needed to help you achieve your goals will be coordinated with you directly.

Our focus is on your needs. We only recommend strategies and services that best fit your company and its long-term goals, and adapt our offering accordingly.

We look forward to doing great things with you anywhere in the world.

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