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iBuild Construction

The iBuild Construction Industry Software transforms Microsoft Dynamics B/C Industry Solutions from into an out of the box construction centric solution based best practises.

iBuild Construction Industry Software

iBuild Construction Industry Software is a construction centric solution based on industry best practises. The system offers financial management, Estimation & Tendering functions, management tools and many more.

iBuild Construction Features:

Financial Management (including Budgets & Post-Dated Checks);

  • The fully integrated system enables executive management and financial controllers to have full real time access into every aspect of the company and its ongoing projects
  • The tooling provides a lot of flexibility to financial controllers to effectively manage cash-flow across single and multiple projects and companies
  • Employee Payroll and Portals

Estimation & Tendering and Sub-Contracting Management:

  • Accelerated estimates assembly, using pre-defined templates
  • Estimates traceability and integration with Project Management, and resource planning
  • Detailed view of bill-item breakdown
  • Customizable views to help companies leverage their existing best practices.
  • Enhanced estimate accuracy

Procurement, RFQ and Sub-Contracting Management:

  • Optimize planning & order processing
  • Manage inventory and track deliveries across various warehouses and construction sites
  • Fully connected with estimations and project management
  • RFQ &Subcontracting management of multi-vendor and item comparison alongside hierarchical approvals

Project & Resource Management

  • fully integrated and automated project management minimizes efforts and data entry and maximizes accuracy and success
  • convert an estimate to a project with a click of a button
  • track and compare project costs vs. estimates
  • fully integrated with all other aspects of the business
  • generate change orders for variations

Available for developers:

  • Request for quote module to accelerate quote generation and comparison
  • BoQ loading feature to minimize data entry and errors
  • Vendor management functionality to manage vendor performance on quotes and deliveries
  • Sales and marketing module to track sales activities and marketing campaign efficiency

Platform and Integration

iBuild is built on Microsoft Dynamics B/C Industry Solutions. In addition, the platform enables ready integration into other solutions as HR, Payroll and Business Intelligence tools.

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Why use iBuild?

Automate and streamline operations

Increase productivity

Centralize information for better business intelligence

Advanced management of payment certificates, way-bills, stage payments, etc.

Improved project delivery and customer satisfaction

Reduced risk, cash-flow, inventory levels, attrition and reduced human errors

Advanced analytics & KPI’s

Constantly up to date on global industry best practices


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