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The only complete Dynamics GDPR to conform your organization to the new regulations around Data Subject (Individual’s) Rights.


As businesses hold huge amounts of personal data relating to Customers, Vendors and Employees within their Dynamics 365 Business Central systems, you need a comprehensive toolset that can be plugged directly in to your Dynamics 365 application and Deliver GDPR Compliance to your Dynamics 365 Business Central.
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents a significant overhaul of data protection legislation; the accountability principle will mean that businesses will need to examine how they hold and use data and take steps to demonstrate compliance with the data protection principles.

The iBuild NAV GDPR toolset enables your Dynamics 365 Business Central application to conform to the new regulations around Data Subject (Individual’s) Rights Personal / sensitive data discovery.

  • The right to be informed (Articles 12, 13, 14)
  • The right of access (Article 15)
  • The right to rectification (Article 16)
  • The right to erasure (Article 17)
  • The right to restrict processing (Articles 18, 19)
  • The right to data portability (Article 20)
  • Automated data encryption and removal
  • All GDPR activities logged to a data processing register

What the GDPR NAV toolset does

Finding and understanding your Company’s personal data is the first step for compliance:

Understanding all your customer’s personal data elements and data lineage is the first necessary step to implement a compliant data governance process. The configurable scan and search tool catalogues sensitive data items across your organization’s databases. One of the key aims of the GDPR is to empower individuals and give them control over their personal data. The Regulation largely preserves the existing rights of individuals to access their own personal data and rectify inaccuracies.

Delete or Encrypt?

GDPR regulations stipulate that data must be deleted as long its purpose of being stored has expired. However, there may be external reasons for accessing the data, which occasionally occur. These reasons mean that the data could be retained but it has to be encrypted.

The encryption of data has the advantages:

  • Data can’t be accessed by staff
  • It reduces the company’s liability in case of a data breach
  • It allows the data to be decrypted and accessed if that need arises
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Why use us for your upgrade service?

It is Dynamic

Configurable for any Dynamics 365 Business Central database – Our Scan Tool can search through any table to identify personal data. iBuild NAV GDPR can search any database for Personal data.

It is Simple

Merging with Existing code is not required – iBuild NAV GDPR is developed in a separate object range and does not require merging with standard Dynamics 365 Business Central code, hence making the Toolset easy to install on any Business Central Database.

It is Safe

Secure processes for removing data – Test Reports can be run to test how data will be removed, before making any changes to the database. This offers a fast, secure way to test all configuration is setup correctly.


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