The Partner Sales

Your one-stop-shop for connecting with implementation partners.

Our goal is to see you succeed, which is why we offer an expansive program to connect you with high quality implementation partners that fit your requirements.

We help you determine what it is you are looking for in a partnership, then we train our specialists to search for matches that suit your needs. If accepted, we then introduce you to the partner and assist with closing the deal. 

But, we don’t stop there. 


We offer lead acquisition and pipeline management services to keep your partnership strong and successful. Our all-inclusive approach is unique so that you get the most of your partnerships, without wasting staff time do to it. 

Get Connected

ISV/Partner Proposition

To get a clear image of the needs of the ISV, we complete a 2-day site visit to your office. Our C-suite executives meet with your team and perform a complete review of current offerings, needs for implementation partners, lead requirements, as well as your sales training process. 

Once finished, we define a marketing strategy, create an ISV to Client outreach program, and make a Global Business Outreach plan that includes ROI projections. 

Partner Acquisition

After our site visit, we train our TPS team specialists on your existing sales process so they are equipped to represent your company, and begin searching our expansive network for implementation partners that suit your needs. 

In addition to our own network, we attract partners with new lists based on your specific criteria, as well as use external lists when necessary. 

Partner Onboarding

When we determine a match, our team sends out detailed info sheets to both you and the implementation partner. If accepted, we then set up an introduction appointment. 


After introductions, both you and the implementation partner can determine whether or not you would like to proceed. If so, we help secure the partnership and manage the closing process. 

Next Steps

After the ISV/Partner partnership is made, we offer the following services to enhance your business growth together. 

ISV/Partner Acceleration

In need of leads? We reach out to our network and find leads that fit you and your implementation partners’ criteria. We then send you matches that are warmed and ready to buy. 

ISV Campaigns

If your sales pipeline is in need of renovation, we can help. We take a look at your database and target old or past leads that have potential for reactivation, increasing your ROI. 

Key Results

Strong Partnerships


We only match you with high quality partners that fit your organization best, and we provide resources to be successful. 

Fast Connections


We work quickly to provide you connections, with a dedicated team specialist working to find the best fit for your company. 

Plan of Action


We break down your needs and current sales systems and help you with business plans and marketing strategies that contain best practices. 

Interested in getting started?

Get more information on our ISV/Partner Program by contacting our team today.