The Partner Sales

Working side-by-side to create global impact.


Our team consists of IT, ERP, CRM, and sales experts from across Europe. We take pride in being a fun, lighthearted group that doesn’t take ourselves too seriously. 


Each of our team members is committed to, and lives out, our values of honesty, quality service, diversity, and expertise. Learn more below, and connect with us on Linkedin!

Peter de Bruin

Chief Executive Officer

I started The Partner Sales in 2018 and together with my team we have actively been developing the company to its current position. Where I am proud to say that we maintained our vision of connecting the digital ecosystem, and encouraging change towards more Diversity & Inclusivity. Which is a topic that is close to my heart and rooted in The Partner Sales’ DNA.  

Andre Ević


I always loved anything digital, anything marketing, and anything creative since a young age. This interest never wavered and led me to doing what I love. I spend my days leveraging business opportunities through effective use of marketing in the digital environment, where I am actively engaged in enhancing our positioning within the digital ecosystem, as well as that of our partners. 

Kevin van Meurs

Customer Success Specialist

Hi there! I am responsible for the successful delivery of services to our network, generating and nurturing business opportunities whenever possible. ‘Trust’ is the keyword in my opinion, I have to make sure that with my – sometimes informal but straight to the point – tone of voice, that our network of companies trusts me in delivering our services. 

Nicole Miller

Customer Success Specialist

I approach every day with passion, to deliver anything our partners need to be fully supported and satisfied, and to develop partnerships and business opportunities. My responsibilities lead me to being introduced to so many diverse and unique business and I am always ready to help our partners as the need arises. This is an industry I grew to love and which encourages me to reach new heights. 

Terri Paetz

Vice President of Partnerships and Global Business Development

As the VP, I am the first point of contact for all customer inquiries for swift and accurate resolution, and the liaison between the divisions within our company to accelerate business development. I am also actively involved in Diversity & Inclusivity organizations to steer change within the digital ecosystem. 

Bas Rutten

Chief Operational Officer

My role in The Partner Sales revolves around the strategic development of the company, where I ensure stability and strength in all our current and future growth. I establish and automate the necessary systems for The Partner Sales to elevate our services beyond the expectations of our partners, a standard we earnestly maintain and challenge. 

Joep Sangers

Sales Manager

Optimism, ambition, proactiveness. That is the direction through which I approach my responsibilities to ensure consistent growth and quality within our services. I directly engage in the development and implementation of activities for new business opportunities, while overseeing and maintaining the services and direct relationships within our network. 

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