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NAV upgrade tools

Tired of Dynamics NAV upgrades? The Partner Sales offers these upgrade tools, created by Simplanova, which will allow you to automatically transform Classic Dynamics NAV reports to RDLC reports, Matrix Forms to Pages and Dataports to XLMports.

The Report Designer makes the process of developing NAV RDLC reports quick and easy.

The report designer tool delivers what developers are dreaming about: a RDLC report designer in just one NAV page, so forget Visual Studio. By using this tool, developers can develop RDLC reports in RTC client without using any external software. Therefore, the tool helps reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks and eliminates the risk of human error. You will no longer need special skills to design reports. Instead, you can develop customized RDLC reports quick and easy with a process that is a simple and intuitive as the original Classic approach.

The Simplanova Report Converter allows you to fully automate your Dynamic Report upgrades

From our experience the most NAV upgrade cases, the upgrade from classic dynamics NAV version to RDLC format, can take up 90% of an upgrade project time.

We have noticed that it takes a long time to complete an upgrade and that the project is a repetitive task for your developers.

No more, with the report converter Dynamics NAV report upgrades can be fully automated.

Use the Simplanova Dataport Converter to make upgrading you dataports to XMLports easy

Dataports were used in versions before NAV 2009 R2 to import or export data. But beginning with Dynamics NAV 2013, Dataports have been replaced with XMLports, a different object type. Dataports no longer exist. When doing NAV Upgrades – any Dataports that are used need to be rewritten as XMLports.
Upgrading Dataports can be quite a difficult and challenging task as its structure has changed completely.
Upgrading dataports to XMLports can be time consuming and challenging. Luckily, the dataport converter converts Dynamics NAV dataport to XML port.

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