The Partner Sales

We offer complete lead acquisition services for implementation partners from start to finish.

Is your team unsure where to find new leads? Have you tried lead generation campaigns with little to no results? Let us do the work for you. 


We offer an extensive network that is ever-growing, with new businesses regularly looking for an implementation partner for an ERP or CRM system. When you join our partner network, we will connect you directly with warm leads that fit the product/service you offer. 

Our Process

Find Leads Through Our Expansive Network

We start the lead generation process by accessing our expansive network of businesses looking for CRM and ERP solutions. We qualify leads that contact us, create a detailed report of their information, and then we find the best match within our partner network for the lead.

Send Leads That Fit Your Criteria

If we determine your product or service aligns with the needs of the prospect, we will send you the detailed report that we have created including the price of the lead. We utilize the BANT-method for our reports to give you a full scope of the potential partnership. 

Review and Accept/Decline Leads

Once we deliver the prospect and report to you, you can decided whether or not you're interested in moving forward with them. There is no obligation to accept leads. If you would like to pass, just let us know and we will move forward with looking for new leads that are better suited for you. If the lead is a match for you, simply accept the lead and contact them directly with the details we provide. 

BANT Method

Each lead we send you is qualified by our team of experts. We utilize the BANT method in our reports to give you a full scope. 

What are the prospect’s expectations around pricing? Is there any flexibility with their budget?

What’s the decision-making authority of your main point-of-contact? What other stakeholders exist?

What challenge is the prospect facing? What are they hoping your company can do to help them? 

What is the project duration of the lead? What is the prospect’s timeline and is the timeline realistic?

Key Results

Access Global Network


Our network of business prospects expands globally, enabling you to reach beyond your traditional market. 

Use Team Efficiently


Save your staff resources from collecting and vetting leads by letting us do the work for you.

Better Serve Clients


Our detailed reports on your accepted leads enable you to fully know the scope of new projects and the client's needs. 

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