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Soft4Leasing is the end-to-end lease accounting, lease management and financial accounting software.


Soft4Leasing is a complex asset-based finance and leasing software. We have functional software sets to satisfy the leasing business-management requirements of both small and large leasing companies, as well as leasing start-ups.

Soft4Leasing features:

Originating and Managing Lease Contracts; You can create quotes, do instalment calculations, create applications, prepare instalment schedules, activate lease contracts, keep track of contract balances, terminate and close contracts. System checks on data consistency and data completeness provide a clear list of what is missing on, for example, lease applications.

Financial Product Configuration; Configure financial products, like Finance Lease, Operating Lease, Hire Purchase, Instalment Sale, Chattel Mortgage, and Consumer Loan in the system. Configuration includes instalment calculation controls, applicable VAT codes, accounting rules, etc. This feature enables basic systemwide settings, like possible instalment frequencies (e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, etc.), pre-defined Terms, and Residual Value Matrix.

The Application Management feature; gives you several functionalities related to the lease/loan origination process, in particular:

  1. Disbursement schedule; payment instructions to all suppliers, insurers and the originator involved in the application),
  2. Vetting check – a tool for verifying applicant references, like employment and credit references,
  3. Special approval conditions – for conditional approval of an application,
  4. Source of access – to keep track of how a new customer approached the lessor (e.g. ad, web search, dealer recommendation, etc.).

Asset Management; The system allows you to list each unit on the lease application, identify with it with a unique ID, set the attributes of the asset (e.g. new or used, starting mileage, colour, etc.). In the Application stage, each asset has a defined supplier, purchase price, tax group, residual value and more. In the Active Contract stage, an asset master record is used for depreciation (depending on the financial product), asset valuation, and security registration processes. You can have multiple assets on a single contract.

Applicant Management; You can have multiple applicants or parties involved in a single application (e.g. co-applicants, guarantors, directors, partners, next of kin, etc.). The system distinguishes between individual and business applicants, and lease processes differ accordingly. The granule allows for collecting many different applicant attributes, such as industry sector, legal form (for businesses), occupation, marital status, residential status (for individuals).

Integration with General Ledger; This feature has a leasing posting setup, i.e. mapping lease process to G/L accounts, and multiple functions for G/L posting automation: on contract activation, on instalment due, on contract termination. You can get G/L trial balance per lease contract.

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Why use Soft4Leasing?

Data consistency

One version of the truth. Control your business with up-to-date information, analyze health of your leasing business using powerful reports.

Rapid start

Start within a month with what you really need, add other functional modules later.

Flexible to adjust

Can be developed and adjusted if needed; grows as your business grows; new releases yearly; available on-premises or as a monthly subscription in the cloud.


From the Quote to Contract Termination. Lease accounting, lease management and financial accounting – all in one place.

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics B/C Industry Solutions.

Easy to learn and use

Soft4Leasing belongs to the Microsoft product family and has a  Microsoft Office look and feel.

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics B/C Industry Solutions.

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