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Automate processes and increase work performance with features built specifically to meet your property management needs.


Soft4RealEstate is a flexible solution for commercial real estate companies that own or manage retail, office, industrial or other type of commercial properties. We can customize particular functional software sets to satisfy the business requirements of companies managing different types of commercial property.

Soft4RealEstate features:

Property/Building/Units Management;

You can create multilevel unit structure, expand and collapse unit tree view. You can have building, floor and unit data or create even more levels. You can keep track on unit area changes and assets to units, upload pictures or floor maps. You can add notes or save links related to specific unit or property.

Role Centre;

The system gives you different dashboards depending on user role, for example property manager, maintenance manager, accountants etc. all role related actions are accessible from one place!

Tenant management;

You can manage tenant information, add different contracts for one tenant, track due invoices, payments and balances. The possibility for different bank accounts and more!

Invoice Creation and Sending;

You can create invoices automatically based on calculated charges for tenants. You can create them all at once or for separate property or just for specific services. After invoice creation You can send all of them using invoice sending by email function. Tenants will receive them in PDF format.

Charges calculation;

The system allows you to automatically calculate all charges for tenants based on contract details. You can do monthly, quarterly or other period calculations. System can calculate charges based on:

  1. Fixed price
  2. Price per area (sq. meters or sq. feet)
  3. By meter readings (water, electricity etc.)
  4. Tenant turnover (% from retailer sales). System can allocate common costs for building tenants based on their premises area.

Work Order Management;

You can keep track on customer requests, plan your maintenance works. You can create work orders, setup appointment times, assign them to your employees. You can create purchase order for missing items and later create invoice to the tenant based on work order details. Also, you can track warranty works.

Reporting and Statistic Tools;

There are many pre-built reports such as rent roll, lease contract expiration, Revenue forecast, Lease Unit availability as well as you can find a set of data sources for building custom reports with external tools (BI systems or Excel Pivots).

Integration with General Ledger;

You can setup G/L accounts for different services, setup VAT or sales taxes. Invoices that are created automatically have property codes as dimensions. You can also use them when posting any transaction so later you can get G/L trial balances or any other report per property.

And more……

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Data consistency

Control your business with up-to-date information and analyse the health of your property management business using powerful reports.

Rapid start

Start within a month with what you really need, add other functional modules later.


Can be developed and adjusted if needed – grows as your business grows. Available on-premises or as a monthly subscription in the cloud.

Easy to learn and use

Part of the Microsoft product family, Microsoft Office look and feel. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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