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Let us find your low hanging fruit and provide you with just-in-time opportunities 


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Let's discover the opportunities, trends and characteristics of your target audience or segment

Should you work in a specific Industry or you have a so called Named Account List with targeted prospects, we are able to help you with Outbound Telemarketing. We have a very experienced team of Telemarketing and Sales people that have a deep understanding of Microsoft Business Central, Dynamics 365, CE and even Talent. 

Because of this in house expertise, our results are a lot better. In a regular campaign, we aim for 20% lead conversion, depending on the quality of the provided address list. If necessary, we can provide up-to-date addresses that match your required profile.

We work together with Microsoft and are a trusted lead partner for Microsoft and many of her partners.

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FAQ's Telemarketing

  • When should I choose telemarketing?

    Depending on your internal marketing and nurturing skills, you can choose for digital lead generation based on your broader lead profile. If you have a very specific (i.e. a specific sub-industry) or small target group (or a Named Account List (NAL)), Telemarketing is much better suited because of lead nurturing capabilities. Please contact us to explore your best options.

  • Do you use students for calling?

    No. Although we have many students working with us as interns, we leave the Telemarketing to the senior professionals. We guarantee that an expert will be handeling your Telemarketing Project. All of our team members have abundant experience in the field of Microsoft Dynamics and can start a conversation instead of walking through a checklist. That is why we excel.

  • Do you guarantee 20% conversion?

    A guarantee is hard to promise. But in all fairness, with all our projects so far, we have achieved the 20% conversion or even better. Please mind that we are very picky in accepting your Telemarketing Project. We need to keep up the good scores :-) And as always... Past performance is no guarantee of future results. But we do a good job so far!

  • Any preparations I can do?

    Sure! We would like to have your references, a clear understanding of the challenges that your audience has and the solution you provide. We will make a script (no worries, not a read-out-load script) that will serve as the basis for our expert's conversation. We also need your detailed address list, preferably with contact persons and phone numbers. If necessary, we can help you with that.

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