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XG Orizas

Orizas empowers freight forwarders and logistics companies to easily manage and control their entire business cycle across land, air and sea.

XG Orizas

XG Orizas is a cargo and freight forwarding platform which provides a business management solution that is tailored so it rapidly adapts around the way an organization does business. The solution caters companies that provide services in air freight, land freight, sea freight, door to door services, packaging, freight warehousing & distribution, custom clearance and custom brokerage.

Key Features:

Sales & CRM;

  • Control the sales from lead to quotation confirmation
  • Transfer confirmed quotations to operational projects
  • Track quote progress and manage the response time
  • Monitor the reasons for accepted or rejected quotes
  • Track quote progress and manage the response time
  • Complete customer profile that provides detailed customer information along with financial and operational history

Job management;

  • Update and monitor job progress
  • Manage consolidation of shipment with great detail
  • Track all recourses used per shipment, from packaging material to man hours
  • Handle multiple modes of shipping per single job
  • Calculation of chargeable weight per freight type
  • Easily produce required freight documents on request


The fully integrated system enables executive management to add financial controllers to have full real time access into every aspect of the company and its ongoing projects. It also provides aa lot of flexibility to financial controllers to effectively manage cash-flows across single and multiple projects and companies.


  • Allow users to have immediate access to the current rates, ensuring quick customer feedback
  • Provide customers with a selection of packages to choose from
  • Analyze pricing trends of carriers and routes

Purchasing and Warehousing;

  • Optimize planning and order processing
  • Link the freight shipments with the warehousing activities
  • Monitor cargo storage activity and localization
  • Multi-vendor RFQ and item comparison with hierarchical approvals for purchasing and requisitions

BI Tools;

Maximize executive insight and monitor key performance indicators (KPI’s) to respond to new opportunities

Mobile access;

Managers and information workers access information via their mobile devices to accelerate the business process.

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Why use XG Orizas?

Consolidation of all company information

Industry standard freight operations

Streamline and simplify operational processes

Flexible and scalable solution

Easy to use

Minimize update frequency and minimize data entry

Enable avenues for growth

Multiple returns from human and capital investments

Real time control and oversight


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