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xPayroll is the international platform which enables organizations worldwide to process and manage their payroll operations seamlessly.

xPayroll B/C Industry Payroll Solution

The xPayroll solution is a parametric platform, built in Microsoft Dynamics B/C Industry Solutions. It is localized and compliant with governmental and legislative regulations for most countries.

xPayroll Features include:

Basic functionality;

  • pay elements categories and posting profiles
  • employee personal information such as addresses, telephones etc.
  • full integration with ledger and calendar features of Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Synchronous update of salary and payroll information
  • Payroll worksheets
  • The add-on is built using the technical architecture of Microsoft Dynamics following best practices.


  • Apply retroactive calculations to basic salary, transportation, faily contributions, and all forms of additions and deductions
  • Activate and deactivate eligibility for retroactive calculations
  • Run transportation retroactivity based on transportation rate changes


  • The solution is localized and compliant with all the governmental and legislative regulations for many countries spanning Cyprus, Middle-East (+GCC), Africa, south east asia and Canaa, with new territories being added regularly
  • Statutory compliant features per localized country; including taxations, social insurance and governmental reports

Vacations, holidays, sick leave and more

  • Annual leave groups
  • Holidays are integrated with the calendar and allow the definition of holiday titles, and duration
  • Sick leave
  • Vacation benefits and Vacation balance updates in time and synchronously with employee attendance
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Pay tax & tax exemptions;

  • Tax salary brackets and exemptions definitions in direct correlation with employee’s relatives’ information
  • Setup several pay tax elements and select pay elements it applies to
  • Setup tax exemption amounts separately for each member of the employee’s relative


  • Various types
  • Loan scheduling
  • Defer and postpone loan payments

And more…..

Deployment options

The solution is available On-Premise, on the Cloud, Azure and Dynamics 365 Platforms. Hosted deployments are fully encrypted and backed up. The information is hosted in world class datacenters under managed security and certified for SAS70-Type2

Platform and Integration

The solution integrates readily with other add-ons such as HR, business intelligence and other add-ons working on Microsoft Dynamics.

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Why use xPayroll?

The only Payroll and Provident Fund solution built within the Microsoft Dynamics B/C Industry Solutions

Custom pay-slip designs

User defined earnings, deductions and contributions

Time attendance integration

Maas & secure e-mailing of pay slips

Standard governmental payroll reporting


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