The Partner Sales

Our pipeline management services re-establishes the flow of your current sales process.

Our pipeline management services are all-inclusive with the goal of targeting and fixing stalls in your sales cycle. We provide new lead acquisition, lead nurturing, and installed base/follow-up campaigns in order to capture all potential customers in your database.


We work with you to create and implement effective campaigns that reach both new and established audiences. We take the frustration out of lead capturing, lead reactivation, and upselling to restart your sales pipeline. 

New Lead Aquisition

We qualify leads that fit within your criteria and deliver lead information directly to you. We provide all needed information and assure a constant lead flow. 

Lead Nurturing

We approach old leads within your network and collect detailed materials to reactivate the leads. This way you are up-to-date with your business opportunities and move leads through your pipeline. 


Installed Base/Follow Up

We reach out to your current customers to map out their need, and note upsell and/or cross-sell opportunities. This allows your team to nurture your installed base, while generating more revenue.  

Our Process

Establish Campaign Criteria

Depending on the type of campaign (new lead aquisition, lead nurturing, or installed base/follow up), we work with you to determine who will be targeted for this campaign. We then discuss your offer together. Whether this is an existing service or product, or a brand-new offering will control our plan of action. 

Coordinate Plan of Action

Our team will work with you to plan out the implementation of the campaign. We will coordinate on the necessary information and decide with you details such as, but not limited to: which system or list the calls will be taken; the different scenarios and their succession; the Marketing & Sales materials that will be used during the campaign.

Onboard TPS Representative

One of our sales experts will be assigned to your campaign and trained to represent your company during the pipeline management process. Working as a specialist in your product or service offering, they will serve as a liaison during the entirety of the project.

Execute Campaign

Our team will compile and prepare the campaign. We will create scripts, workflows, templates, and all other materials needed in order to succeed. We will meet regularly with your team during the campaign to evaluate progress and make any adjustments necessary to achieve high results.

Key Results

Data Enrichment


Updated database through white-label services with correct contact information and 100% ownership.

Focused Resources


Consistent lead flow in your vertical, thus allowing your sales team to concentrate on new sales opportunities.

No Lost Opportunies


Know exactly what the needs are of your new leads, reactivated leads, and current customers so no openings are missed.  

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