The Partner Sales

At The Partner Sales, we know how crucial it is for end users to find the right business software. After all, we understand how annoying it is to choose the wrong ERP or CRM system.

However, in this rapidly changing marketplace, a level playing field is not always obvious. In our opinion, this can (and should) be more fair and transparent!

After all, within the business software market, you have a myriad of systems to choose from. This makes it difficult to make a good choice. Especially when you do not have the necessary knowledge, choosing the right system (ERP or CRM) is very difficult!

At TPS we want end users to be able to find (the perfect software for them) in an honest way. We therefore advise end customers to fill out Softwarematching’s independent software comparison tool.

Through’s tool, you will discover within 15 minutes which software packages (ERP or CRM) suit you as an end user. Thereby, the person filling out the tool has full control over who he or she wants to talk to.

Thus, together we ensure that everyone finds the right ERP or CRM system.